The Company

Lockton is the world’s largest privately owned insurance consultancy company. We are a leading provider of risk management and insurance advisory service across Asia and the globe. There are approximately 60 insurance professionals in the office of Hong Kong, the Asia Pacific regional office, who serve clients with pride and passion. It is that passion that has helped Lockton growing into the world’s largest privately held global insurance broker.


Our Claims Philosophy and Approach

Claims service is the defining moment of insurance service, which is of utmost importance.

  • To ensure the prompt and professional investigation and resolution of loss / claims situation
  • To ensure clients’ compliance with different insurance policy conditions, thus to ensure their interest under the policy is protected
  • To ensure fair, reasonable and prompt claims settlement

We deploy a seamless approach in coordinating with all stakeholders in the claims management process including the clients, Lockton, Insurers and their service providers like loss adjusters, solicitors, rehabilitators, etc., thus to monitor the claims progress to the best interest of the clients.


Our Roles and Services

We represent our clients in managing the claims throughout the claims process and monitor the performance of the insurance companies and their service providers to ensure the claims are processed effectively and efficiently.

Strategic and Advisory

  • Review and design of the claims processing flow, system and practice
  • Claims consultancy, advocacy and negotiation
  • Statistical claims analysis for risk management and insurance renewal


  • Provision of guidance and technical support in claims processing
  • Attendance of regular / ad hoc claims meetings / site visits
  • Regular monitoring of the claims progress and update to clients with claims reports
  • Liaison with all stakeholders in the claims management chain to ensure the claims communication and documents flow are effective and efficient.


  • Provision of claims procedures manuals
  • Delivery of claim procedures seminars / workshops
  • Update on insurance related Statutory developments and legal regime

Claims Management Servicing Team

Equipped with the insurance and legal professional qualifications, our claims servicing team members are experienced, dedicated and committed to serve our clients in claims management matters.

Key Contact - Hong Kong

Ruby Wong
Assistant Vice President
+852 2250 2689

Key Contact - Singapore

Jushua Ng
Vice President
+65 6326 9229

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Discover more Insights & Publications
Read more in the Lockton Newsroom