Strategic Engagement

Service starts with listening. Our risk management approach begins with understanding our clients' changing risk profile. Strategic Engagement is a collaborative process combining three critical exercises:

  • Research and Analysis - Includes Operational Profile, Risk Identification, Financial Analysis and Review and External Landscape
  • Value Proposition - uniquely tailored offering focused on how we can improve your profitability and overall business.
  • Strategic Plan - multiyear plan focused on team execution and delivery of results measured in metrics you value.

Producing More Than a "Good Deal"

The Strategic Engagement Process provides significant benefits:

  • Creates alignment and close links between the insurance, risk finance and risk management strategy and your company's business strategy
  • Focuses all of the team's efforts on the "right things" and eliminates low-value activity.
  • Improves your business through increased profitability and enhanced risk management

Total Cost of Risk

Insurance plays an integral but limited role in assisting companies achieve their corporate, financial and social goals, providing financial support to identified risk potential.

Strategic Engagement is the process of identifying a broader range of risks, evaluating their impact on an organisation and implementing risk control measures.

The overall objective is to reduce the Total Cost of Risk to the organisation and help ensure business resilience against the unexpected.


Key Contact - Hong Kong & China

Alex Yip
Chief Executive Officer, Greater China
+852 2250 2811

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Discover more Insights & Publications
Read more in the Lockton Newsroom