What is Mergers & Acquisitions

Lockton's Profession & Financial Risks Division (Profin) provides interoffice deal-related insurance and employee benefit due diligence to acquisition-minded clients. We exist to serve our client-base and the private equity community. We have the expertise and experience to identify and evaluate unrecognized exposures and their impact on the purchase price of any merger or acquisition. We also quantify costs associated with these exposures for the purpose of factoring them into the final structure of the transaction.

We provide pre-closing value by evaluating factors that will affect the purchase price.

Our post-closing value is provided by our M&A team who is with you through your exit strategy. We consistently emphasize management of expenses, such as claims dollars, and improve EBITDA by managing these costs over the life of the investment. Lower expense leads to a higher EBITDA which, in turn, leads to a higher return on multiple.

Our international team of specialists consists of experienced consultants who have collectively reviewed thousands of transactions, providing deal-related solutions to our client base and the private equity community and portfolio companies.


Our Team of Associates

  • Make our clients the most educated buyers relative to the management of insurance and benefits expenses.
  • Evaluate the risk of the target company.
  • Evaluate risk and expense management.
  • Evaluate, quantify and define pre-closing liabilities.
  • Review Purchase and Sale Agreements to understand the transaction with respect to the assumption of liabilities.
  • Ensure that the assumption of liabilities is clearly stated and reflects the decisions reached between Buyer and Seller.
  • Interface with other working group members.
  • Provide post-closing insurance budgets for pro-forma financials and the subsequent placing of post-closing insurance programs.
  • Create efficiencies to meet client financial objectives and exit strategies.
  • Develop creative solutions to convert deal-related obstacles into insurable risks.

Our Solutions

We provide solutions for firms in a number of industries including:

  • Architectural and Engineering
  • Construction
  • Data Processing
  • Energy, Oil and Gas
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Restaurants and Food
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Temporary Employee Staffing
  • Transportation


Sarogenei Kolantha
Chief Executive Officer, Singapore
+65 6221 1288

Key Contact - Singapore

Chinnatamby Nandakumar
Director, Professions & Financial Risks, Singapore
+65 6326 9252

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Discover more Insights & Publications
Read more in the Lockton Newsroom